Tuesday, 14 September 2010

This week, phew

Sometimes I think I might be taking on too much.  I am not the sharpest tool in the box and as well as learning Welsh I am just about to take on Expression Web, (Microsoft's tool for web development).  I dabble, so far mainly for free or for a very low fee.  But people and businesses keep asking me to do a website for them too - and their requests for functionality are getting more sophisticated.  I can't sit still any longer and am going to take the bit between my teeth and learn this software so that I can push my own boundaries and those of any future websites I do.  With all the behind the scenes coding I suppose it will be a bit like learning another language... 

I am having trouble running.  Something has happened to my foot\arch and I am blaming my trainers.  There is a fantastic shop in Haverfordwest (TriExercise) who will look at your gait and do a Running Gait Analysis and then recommend shoes especially to suit you (yes there is more to this running lark than just throwing yourself out the door in a pair of shorts and trainers).  The trigger for this extra expense finally came when I woke up very early one morning this week shouting "OW OW OW" - just like that and very loudly (which J can verify).  Never have I had such bad cramps and never in my calf muscles.  Something has to be done.

It's Topsy's birthday this weekend. Normally I would ignore this but G9 insists on celebrating big style.  So I am joining in (secretly I'm rather enjoying the planning of it too!)

Happy 21st (in doggy years) Birthday Topsy!

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Kath said...

I need to find a shop local to me (just outside Pontypridd) that does a running (well, walking) gait analysis. I need new trainers and have always suffered badly from shin splints and calf pain. And then I discovered New Balance trainers and training was pain-free, in the lower limbs anyway! Sadly, both the trainer models I've worn have since been discontinued.

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