Thursday, 7 January 2010

No Milk, No Post & No School

Ummm and no 4x4.

We've been snow ridden for coming up to a week. Being slightly more remote than we had been used to, getting our essentials is not at all guaranteed.

Luckily we have enough oil for a few weeks and loads of logs - so we are keeping warm at least.

J though will start growing horns if he does not have a supply of milk for his coffee. He should really think about an intravenous drip. Perhaps we can go direct to the supplier and milk the cows at the farm next door.

No post = No bills. Sound.

No school, well at least we have childcare 'on site' to help us out a bit (one advantage of multi generational living) and G8 is of course happus iawn. She likes school very much but snow is WOW.

A drawback to working from home though is that unfortunately I can still get into work. Damn. I tried to come up with a convincing excuse; too cold, path much too slippery - but they didn't wash with J. He just turned up the heating and brushed the path. Rotter! I'm considering an Employment Tribunal.

To celebrate the snow J has been building a sledge out of our old kitchen cupboards. He says it's for G8 but we all know the truth. Men never really grow up. We have some wonderful slopes we can walk to in the dam next door. A veritable playground.


Find that inner child.


Preseli Mags said...

Go next door for milk (take a jug!) it tastes better fresh from the cow. H7,R6 and M(ahem)39 are with G8 - snow is WOW. Very much in touch with my inner child here. What is it with men and clearing paths to work? B keeps digging a path down our drive. Men!

elizabethm said...

Love the sledge. Send him over here. We have an entire kitchen which would make a better sledge!

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