Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Time management and working from home

The trouble with working from home on a beautiful day is that the pull to go outside and potter round the garden is immense.  I sit behind a large picture window where I can watch the birds bathing in the bird bath and butterflies flitting about.  The sky is a perfect blue today too.  It's made even more tempting as yesterday was not a lovely day, so you really want to treasure the sunshine all the more.  Perhaps I'll take my coffee outside for a beak, within earshot of the phone.

Blue skies through window.
I am very fortunate as my 9 to 5 tends to be anything from 10ish to 5, luckily J my other half prefers the mornings and I don't mind covering the back end - so J finishes between 4:30 to 5 and he gets to watch Star Trek in peace.  Unfortunately my late starts are not to do with long lie ins but more often due to domestic chores.  J also gets some time out in the working day to do the weekly shop.  On the up side we don't have to do anything over the weekend that we don't want to, the time is utterly all our own - which means we get to play. 

There is no rush hour for us - wasting our lives sat in traffic.  It is difficult for us both to take time out for a holiday when it is not either a weekend, public holiday or the Christmas break and that is the biggest issue.

On balance I would not change what I do though, nor who I do it with.  I don't get that Monday morning feeling and that's worth all the tea in China.

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