Friday, 24 June 2011

Celebration Week (mostly).

Last week was my birthday (I'm five now, 5+0=5), I had my Welsh exam, J's birthday and Sunday it was Father's Day.  This weekend we have my Gran's 101st birthday party celebrations.  Phew.  Wonderful time with still a party to look forward to and I feel much less stressed now that my Welsh exam is over and done with.

Ahh the exam.  I really shouldn't have done a post mortem.  I was quite upbeat when I came out, but after picking over the bones with some of the other candidates, I'm now not sure I got anything right.

It was also confirmed in the week that we're off to the Olympics next year (I'm not actually in it you understand).  What a lovely 'non' birthday present.

J and I treated ourselves to a meal out on his birthday (as a joint present to ourselves).  I highly recommend The Drovers Arms at Puncheston, we found that the food was exquisite and the service sublime.  Here is a picture of my lunch... apparently they use the same supplier as Heston Blumenthal.  

Lunch - not my bouquet...
Happy 101st Birthday today Gran, hope you have your party frock and tunes ready for tomorrow.  Got my fingers firmly crossed that it'll stay dry.  Love you.  xxx

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Rob-bear said...

Well, you have had an interesting time. A lot of good things. Except the Welsh exam, perhaps. Who knows about these things. (Maybe you need to let the kids teach you some more. Or get some help from a friend.)
Your gran will be 101. That is awesome! Happy Birthday to her!

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