Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday - what holiday

Long lazy holiday, scratch that, one long mad balancing act.

G10 at play...
(main pic; she did not go out in brown).
We seem to have been a bit of a hotel for the whole of the summer holidays so far, great but busy.  Last lot of visitors just left us on Tuesday, then after the bank holiday more are arriving to stay for a few weeks.

With G9 G10 off doing exciting activities here, there and everywhere; (it's amazing what Pembrokeshire County Council offer and we've taken full advantage of the opportunities provided, along with various other activities out there, some free like the Purple Routes Project and others not so, like horse riding.)  Along with all the visitors and ferrying G10 about we've been helping to care for Gran and oh yes, work of course (house and paid.)

On top of all this I volunteered (I really must be certifiable) to help with the fundraising at St Meilyr's Church.  We're organising a Craft & Art's Fair (interested - either as a stall holder or to come and spend your money on the day?  If you might be then click St Meilyrs for more information - you'd be so very welcome.) Just to put the tin lid on it, I've also been going to summer school for Welsh. 

I am TIRED!  We've got a three day break coming up. Hurrah.  Not sure what's happening yet but we're going to be terribly selfish and spend it together, but deliciously alone.  Just the three of us.  Doing... not a lot I hope.

Here is a picture of another project completed (squeezed in the five minutes we've had free in the last 5 months!)  New roof over the hot-tub and water barrel at the end to take the water from the new guttering away.  It will all be much easier to water the pots down there now.

Looking smart, even if I'm not.
Just a quick thank you to PreseliMags for organising the horse riding.


Preseli Mags said...

Your blog has small print at the end! I should also add small print to mine thanking you for organising the summer camp days too.

What a busy summer - it serves you right for having such a beautiful welcoming house with a hot tub. If you lived in a tiny cottage with no spare rooms or hot tub like we do things could be so much quieter!

Enjoy your deliciously alone time. xx

Rob-bear said...

Noswaith dda.
Looks like you've had an "interesting" summer. I hope you do get some rest, lest you go entirely bonkers. Or something worse.
By the bye, I had a chance to read up on St Meilyr's. Fascinating. Hope the fundraising for the Church goes well.

Lins' lleisio said...

Dearest Mags, you live in such a beautiful spot in a lovely home with cooking aromas to entice people in from miles around :)

We are so looking forward to the rest Mr Bear... we have something planned now, more in my next blog. But just let's say there will be no PCs, gadgets or modern day living distractions. Heaven. Thanks for the good wishes for the fundraising, fingers crossed.

Chris Stovell said...

Oooh, does that mean when we pile over to yours next we can have a hot tub meeting?!

I hope you've had some alone time. I don't have the same demands as you, but, gosh, it's been hectic and I could do with a rest too!

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