Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A personal thank you to the exhibitors at Maenclochog Craft Fayre

The room was made beautiful, thanks to all the exhibitor's displays. 

From healing massages to Aloe Vera products, jewellery and beads to personalised and special cards, weaving to cross stitch, toys to driftwood art, make-up to skin care, bags and aprons, handmade bunting, Christmas decorations, towels, cottons and ribbons, woollen items, door stops, jams, pickles, honey and wonderful cakes.  The list goes on.

Llysyfran church members doled out tea and coffee and at lunchtime delicious home grown and home made soup, ran a raffle, manned a 'nearly new stall' and provided a children's play room with activities.  The children had a whale of a time.

If nothing else the day proved that this area around Maenclochog is full of little treasures when it comes to artistic, creative and business skills. I really believe as a community it's so important to support our small and local businesses; use them or lose them!  They can't be matched for personal service, their carbon footprint is small and money spent with them stays in the local economy.  A win all round.

It was great for me to meet all the stall holders personally and I can't thank everyone enough for the effort that was put in to the day. 

Beautiful displays.   Inset: "Kathryn's Krèche"
It was quieter in the afternoon; I blame the rugby (we lost), the weather (it was a beautiful day) and apparently there was also a YFC Eisteddfod on too. 

Still we managed to raise over £600.00.  Not bad.  We hope to do a similar event next year.   We'll build on the feedback from our exhibitors and the things we've learned ourselves.  Taking everything into consideration it promises to be an even bigger and better Craft Fayre for the local community to enjoy in 2012.


Chris Stovell said...

Congratulations, Lins, on all the hard work you put in to pull everyone together. I'm very sorry to have missed it.

Midlife Singlemum said...

Well done - and it looks fantastic from the photo. It would be interesting to hear the lessons you learned to be put into practice next year.

Rob-bear said...

Well done, indeed. Just sorry I couldn't make the trip across the pond.
How is the money to be used?

Lins' lleisio said...

I know you would have been there if you could Chris, no problem. Midlife - the main one is to collect the table money from the stall holders before the event and to allocate specific tables to the exhibitors (the placing would always have been difficult to do this year as never having done it before we had no idea how the tables would fit in). Also perhaps to get there earlier still, to physically lay out the tables - we were waiting for the key (then after 15 minutes we contacted a key holder to find the door had been left unlocked!) We are having a meeting in a couple of weeks Mr Bear to decide how to spend the money, just keeping the church going is an eye watering £700.00 a quarter - as well as donating to other charities etc. This means constant fund raising activities – but hopefully these activities benefit the community too.

Preseli Mags said...

Congratulations - you worked so hard and it was a lovely sale. I just wish I'd managed to get to spend my money before my children did! They had a great time too. We'll definitely come to next year's (I wonder if I can think of something to sell on a stall by then...?)

nellie dean said...

Thanks for having me there - I had fun!

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