Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hwyl fawr i Ysgol Gymunedol Maenclochog

Yesterday was the end of an era.  G10 has finished primary school. She walked out of the doors for the very last time.

I've always been a bit aggrieved that she arrived early (she's never been early for anything since).  If she had been born when she was due, she'd still have another year there.  As it is she started school just as she turned four, and has left primary when she is still 10.  I look at her now, she seems so young and I feel sad that she's having to leave the warm arms of such a supportive and wonderful environment.  Saying a final goodbye to the teachers, staff and helpers that are like family to her and leaving many friends that just happen to be demarcated into a younger year, including her BFF.  It must be a wrench. 

Sometimes you don't fully appreciate what you have until you lose it.  Cruel world.

G10 though seems fine.

Last day, emerging after sleepover at school.


Maggie Christie said...

According to H10 they spent most of the break times in tears yesterday. That's the big drawback of such a good school, the pupils don't ever want to leave! H10 is going to miss her older (but by not much) friends next year.

Midlife Singlemum said...

Have a wonderful summer and good luck (to both G10 and you) for a successful career at 'big' school. xxx

Rob-bear said...

Shw mae.

Well, she's accomplished one educational goal. Which is good.

Next year, new school, new friends. It will be dandy.

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