Monday, 2 November 2009

Not so nice mice - moved in without asking!

After some encouragement from my follower (yes that is singular) I thought I'd update... it's been a few months.

Summer was a somewhat wet affair, although September and October brought with it weeks of sunshine and very mild weather. Unfortunately with this mild Autumn along came lots and lots of field mice. I have never really lived in the countryside before - you are much closer to nature that's for sure. We had one solitary mouse in the house last year, the dog was useless! After a brainwave from my partner we put all the settees up on dining room chairs to give her a clear run at it, she at last caught it, but didn't kill it. I thought poor little traumatised mouse... and carefully nestled her in the palm of my hand and gently put her down at the bottom of the garden.

This Autumn it's a different story, it's all out warfare. We have found them in our log cabin and in the garage. They like gnawing - they have gnawed the soft handle bars on my daughters scooter, eaten through two rather expensive suit cases (that belong to my parents) and through the bag of our tent. Last night I put some kitchen waste into the compost bin and I saw the bottom of one of the little blighters disappearing into the warm nest we have so thoughtfully provided. My gran delights in telling us horror stories and she assures us they can squeeze through holes the size of a pencil, their bones collapse apparently - too much information.

We are trying peppermint oil, traps and those electronic thingys that emit noises not heard by man but apparently the little rodents don't like... hmmm we're getting desperate. Our neighbour trapped 12 in their downstairs toilet so it could be worse! I don't think we'll win this war, we are the traditional army whereas they deploy guerrilla tactics. 1-0 to the mice so far.

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Preseli Mags said...

So T1 hasn't got the killer instinct after all. But neither have you by the sound of it. Good luck with the mouse wars - just be glad they're not rats!

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