Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Wardrobe

In my previous life I was known to frequent Monsoon on occasion (we had a new shop in the town I used to live in & from the first day it opened its doors I couldn't resist). I bought beautiful skirts, dresses, trousers etc, mainly for work but also for special parties. Now they lay forlorn and redundant taking up all the space in the wardrobe. I use three drawers in a chest of drawers for my daily attire now - these are filled with underwear (I haven't sunk that low), jeans, fleeces and t-shirts. That's it, that's all I wear - oh, OK I admit it, I may also be seen in jogging bottoms if cleaning or appropriately enough, jogging.

My feet have come off even worse, I wear Crocs, wellies or trainers.

It's not just me - the men in this household have always relished the distinctly casual look but Her Next Door and my Gran also dress down now. Since moving we have all weeded out only our very favourite posh clothes to keep, many sackfuls have ended up at the charity shop or the car boot! In Her Next Door's case this is also partly due to the fact that she no longer has the myriad of wardrobe space she once had (which had been specially built by Him Next Door). Downsizing in more ways than one.

I'm not sure how Her Next Door and Gran feel but I personally prefer this new look - I feel it's quite liberating. Who here cares what I wear or what I look like, I've persuaded myself you are not judged on that. Anyway I'd look mighty silly doing the gardening or stomping over the countryside on a six mile hike in my posh frock. Not at all practical either.

I hate it when I'm at work and a client phones in and says I need to site visit. Gulp. That means I have to dress up in the posh clothes stored in the wardrobe, wear makeup, look presentable. I'm so out of practice it's quite daunting and I feel I never quite come up to scratch. The city is like another world; the hustle and bustle, the shops with glittery things in them, everyone busy chasing their tails, so focused. I don't feel I fit in anymore - I definitely feel not worthy and try very hard not to catch my reflection in the shop windows in case I see tattooed on my forehead - SO LAST SEASON DAAAHLING.

It brings home to me the quote "The most important things in life aren't things.” Anthony J. D'Angelo, I read it every day from my coffee mat. Maybe the environment I find myself in encourages me to put less value on my expensive clothes - yes the slobby look. I hear it's making a comeback in this recession. I'd highly recommend it - but then I would!

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