Friday, 26 February 2010

The media

Since we moved we seem to have become very attractive property (the first time I've ever been attractive) to the general media. It seems all are interested in this multigenerational living idea. Strange really as it is fairly common in this neck of the woods, quite a plethora of granny annexes in one form or another.

The funniest media visit was where the photographer arrived (they take ALL day) just before Christmas. Of course the magazine wasn't going out until March so there we were outside in t-shirts shivering for England (or should I say Wales) 'pretending' it was a warm balmy spring day. Worse was to come because of course all my lovingly placed Christmas decorations had to be taken down or moved out of shot.

Another funny episode was when we were being filmed during dinner and J had made stuffed hearts. He knows I'm not keen yet of course I'd have to eat the things or look picky on telly. The woman interviewing I noticed just pushed it round her plate too. I sincerely don't blame her.

We've had make up artists descend, well just on the one occasion to be honest. Poor girl (who was from Frome i.e. very close to where we used to live) got on the wrong train at the Bristol change over, realised her mistake, got off and then had to get a taxi here. £200.00 later!  As she was freelance it came out of her own pocket. 

We are often told to avoid wearing jeans; light clothes and without too much pattern only please.  This is a nightmare in itself as I live in my jeans.  Anyway on the occasion of the photograph here I picked a white skirt.  As it was a very hot and extremely bright day I think the white probably didn't make the photographer's life very easy.  If my plan has worked next time they might just let me wear jeans and be done with it. 

I sooo now know how on the TV they get different shots of a conversation. They don't send down a camera crew but just use a sole camera man.  You run through the conversation while being filmed from the front.  Then it is taken again, say from behind your head so that the interviewer is in shot this time. The interviewer re-asks the question and you can say what you like, but a bit of head nodding and hand waving does the job. Lots of film ending up on the editing floor I guess.

We've found that when reading or watching the end result things have often been written or cut to align with the paper \ magazine \ TV programme's particular angle and I’ve found comments we've said are sometimes misinterpreted. Too late when in black and white or broadcast. Although we have asked for copy I don't think we've ever seen one, never mind signing it off.

It started off as being pure fun and Carol at County Home Search has been really generous with gifts of lovely wine bottle boxes and visits to a health spa. All relished and gratefully received. When the media have contacted us direct though we have never received a penny – or even a free copy of the magazine or paper we were in. I’ve realised that I’m not born to be an X list celebrity – I hate being photographed for a start. We all find it hard work, not so much the interview, those for papers and magazines are often done over the phone. It’s the photography session, it really can take all day. We need a new agent, we really do!

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Preseli Mags said...

The reason they pick you is that you have so many generations (great photo of all of you) and that you're all photogenic (don't argue!) in a lovely home.

As a journalist of some 20 years now I can also confirm that when I've interviewed someone and they ask to see copy I always used to say yes and then not send it. Sending copy for approval is always a recipe for disaster (from the writer's point of view). I only send it when the interviewee is paying for the copy (and it's always trouble!)

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