Monday, 8 March 2010

Race for Life

Hi, I'm blogging for sponsorship now - I'll stoop as low as I have to to get some money out of you!

I used to run a lot when I was younger, always long distance and I loved it. I ran for a local club then and often represented the county. Things waned a little when boys came on the scene (I loved them more) so the running took a bit of a back seat for a while, (does 30 years count as 'a while'?)

Since I moved here I have wanted to get fitter and have done many stunning walks. But running was my first love and it takes it up a gear. To try and get my body out of its lethargic state I started a Couch to 5k running plan at the end of last year aiming to get my heart rate up a bit, and boy did I find out how unfit I really was. Initially I had tried to 'do it on my own' and kept getting annoying ham string injuries - I even tried to impress my cousin's daughter who came out with me one Saturday for a run - what was I thinking - ping, there it went again. These injuries would put a stop to my running attempt for weeks at a time. I have discovered that my recovery takes a bit longer than it used to.

To give you an idea at what stage I'm currently at, I'm just about to start week 3 in my Couch to 5k program this Wednesday. There are 9 weeks in total. The bad news is I repeated week 1 umpteen times... so another 7 weeks of training to reach 5k could be a tad optimistic.  Although when my friend suggested I do a run to raise funds for Cancer Research with her,  I thought great - a tangible goal to aim for, lets do it.

All I need now is MONEY, so GIVE please – it’s a very good cause. If only a pound it doesn't matter. Anything. Thank you.


Preseli Mags said...

You'll get there - and then you'll be so much faster than me! But not during the Race for Life, it's so crowded at the start that it's an easy trot. The idea is to have fun, not break records - or hamstrings - that comes later at the Llanelli 10k...!

Preseli Mags said...

Me again! I've tagged you on my blog and there's also an award waiting for you. xx

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