Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The ups and downs of the start to the school holidays

We've had some pretty good weather, then came the school holiday and it started to rain.  Typical.

We bought G9 a birthday present and gave it to her early so she can get the most use out of it. (Her birthday is at the end of August, just when the school holidays are drawing to a close). 

It's very bouncy and very large and is for outside use.  This particular purchase is really all the fault of Preseli Mags.  H9 and R7 have one now, so after a go on theirs it then became a bit of a must have for G9, darn. 

I too also had a go on Mags' "bouncy thing" and I found I rather enjoyed it, (this has positively nothing to do with the fact that we succumbed to G9's pleadings you understand.)

My G9's early present.

Our first problem was location.  Our garden is not football pitch material.  When we did manage to find somewhere that only gently sloped and would accommodate near enough the dimensions of the base, we found that we were supposed to have an extra 3 metres around it free - so as to be well away from life threatening trees, concrete, water - you get the idea.  Eventually we settled on some ground in the orchard and an ingenious way to create a level; attach wooden 'feet' to the frame on the one side and bury the legs of the trampoline on the other.  Not sure Health and Safety would entirely approve, but it works.

After getting in a bit of a muddle initially J eventually capitulated and read the instructions, and G9 was instructed in the art of "sewing" the base to the netting.  It took a couple of days (with the men diverted to another project in the middle of this), but our piece of modern garden architecture is finally up, finished and ready to have a go on.

Shame of it is that G9's had very little chance to use it yet.  I've had secret sessions after dark though.  Shhhh, don't tell.

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Preseli Mags said...

I wholeheartedly agree that after dark trampolining is fun. I haven't yet mastered the art of NOT spilling my wine though...
PS: I regard the trampoline thing as some small payback for the fact that H and R now want a hot tub. Now that's CONSIDERABLY more expensive!

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