Monday, 12 September 2011


Don't you want to escape from the world sometimes?  I do.

At the moment it'd be nice to hibernate - it's all a bit overwhelming.   

This is the yurt we stayed in on our little bank holiday break.  I could live there forever in its womb like warmth away from modern day life.  Wouldn't life be a lot simpler, cheaper and a whole lot less stressful?

Our temporary oasis...


Rob-bear said...

I certainly do know the feeling. I'd much rather be in a forest for a while than in the city.
But we are where we are because of choices we've made. Or choices that have been made for us by others. So I think the trick is to learn to bloom creatively wherever we've been planted.
But, yes, I'd still like to be in the forest, for a while.

Rob-bear said...

P.S.: I forgot to commend you on your use of the word "hibernate." Obviously, you're my kind of Human. You understand my life. (Well, part of it, at least.)
It's so nice to be understood! Thank you.

the veg artist said...

Only hide for a little while (it's understandable). Life's too short - even if it is 100 years long. Head on - that's the way!

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