Friday, 23 September 2011

Walking with invisible friends.

I was supposed to meet my friend with other friends of hers at 9:45 to walk around the Llysyfran Dam.  As usual I was a few minutes late - and I only have to fall out of my front door.  At five minutes to ten though unable to see my friend's car in the designated car park (there were only two cars and even I couldn't have missed it) I set off.  I reasoned that perhaps she'd been given a lift.  As it was a circular walk I thought I'd step out promptly and either catch them up or meet them half way if they'd set off in the other direction.  Neither happened.  It's a mystery.  Maybe I should have confirmed... hmmm.

The path just enticed me further in and I had a thoroughly lovely walk in my own little world.

Follow me; where ever I might lead.

Come on Mum
 A spot to stop and remember Mrs B.
'Blaen Wern' (Love Divine) played at Gran's funeral.
I came back refreshed, energised and feeling that everything is right with the world.   So sincerely, thank you my friend.


Preseli Mags said...

Argh! Now I'm feeling even more guilty. Events conspired to make us both (separately) late. School run, dogs and farms can eat time. Sorry.

Rob-bear said...

Better invisible friends than no friends at all.
I enjoyed the way your described your adventure, and the pictures, too.

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