Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Almost, But Not Quite

It's been one of those 'Almost, But Not Quite' episodes of my life.

I almost went out for a meal with friends... but due to bugs and funerals half couldn't make it so it was postponed.

I almost started a photography evening class... but it got cancelled at the last minute.

I almost posted on a controversial topic... but after some soul searching thought better of it.

I almost got picked to be a giver on World Book Night... (this is a lie - I missed by a country mile).

I almost went to a Welsh language social evening... but lost my mojo.

I almost sold my house... the "Sold" board went up and I stupidly really thought it was happening.


Midlife Singlemum said...

But you very quite wrote this blog post - no almost about it. Well done ;)Good luck with selling your house. I assume you mean your old house not the Welsh homestead.

Kath said...

Your friends' health will improve and you'll have your evening out; there's nothing to stop you taking photos and learning by doing or buying a book; controversial blog posts make for interesting reading and lots of blog hits; there's nothing to stop you donating book(s) "in the spirit of World Book Night" under your own steam - you don't need to be registered to do that; mojo's return, like lost keys, where and when you least expect; and your house will sell when the right new owners find it. xxx

Rob-bear said...

I can't add much to what your wise friends have already said.

However, this @$#%$^%&&@ word verification (the "prove your not a robot" thing) is a huge bother. Tough for an old Bear (Bears have terrible eyesight as it is; older Bears are even more challenged).

Please give us a break; end the wv. Bear thanks you.

Chris Stovell said...

Meh! What a week, but as Kath so wisely says, this too shall pass. I hope things pick up soon and that your mojo returns. Pesky old things, mojos, mine often goes AWOL.

Charlie said...

I hate it when some time wasting skeezer says they'll buy your house, and then they don't.
Have a pint and fry up some Coco Pops.

Midlife Singlemum said...

Dydd Gwyl Dewi xxx

Lins' lleisio said...

Hi Midlife, yes my old house... fingers firmly crossed - and I love your best wishes for St David's Day. Aww Kath, I was feeling down in the dumps a bit wasn't I? Things have turned round a little now, but your comments helped me feel brighter about a lot of things. Mr Bear, what am I to do about spam? I have changed the setting to now only kick in if the post is older than 14 days, so if you are quick you should be OK :). My mojo has returned Chris - hope you don't lose yours too often. Charlie... I'll keep drinking those pints

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