Friday, 2 March 2012

Eisteddfod? What is it exactly?

I'm still not really quite sure.. but it comes round every year and makes you feel very patriotic and proud to be Welsh (or adopted by the Welsh). There's a lot of flags displayed, daffodils worn and Welsh spoken. This outward display of patriotism is something sadly lacking in England, (I think the English flag has been hijacked - but that's a whole other blog).

The Urdd (their full title is "Urdd Gobaith Cymru" which literally means Welsh League of Hope) is a movement for young people, from the age of 7 up to 24. The Urdd is organised into local groups whose catchment areas are based on those of the Welsh medium schools of Wales.

The children of the school join the Urdd if they wish. Once a member this then entitles them to attend the active and creative social club, stay at the residential centres and to enter the various competitions organised by the Urdd at school level, and on to county and then national level if they perform well.  Competitions organised by the Urdd include various sports and then the arts, music and literature festival, known as the Eisteddfod (pronounced; eye-steth-vod).

It's a wonderful event. Confidence in the children knows no bounds. They have little problem standing up in front of a sea of faces because they've been doing it since the age of 7. Now G10 might not always get through her competitions (but without the 'losers' their wouldn't be a competition in the first place, right?)  And I for one am always very proud of her for having a go. Entering into the spirit of things. She tries. Could I memorise a four stanza poem in Welsh? Could I play the violin?  No is the short answer to both those questions, so bravo G10.  You're always a winner to me.

Very Proud Mummy Moment.
G10 was a winner in her violin performance;
(albeit that there were only two of them in her age group).


Preseli Mags said...

Well done G10! I think the fact there was only two is irrelevant; they have a achieve a certain standard, which G obviously did. H10 wouldn't have a go, but I was very proud of R8 in her recitation and singing (she's too quiet to win!)

Midlife Singlemum said...

And I love G10's national dress! Well done on the violin playing and on the poem - very impressive.

Rob-bear said...

Shw mae.

Well done, G10, for dress and music. And mom for all the support.

I was going to make Welsh cakes on the first, but got distracted by real life. Sigh.

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