Monday, 29 October 2012

Dog cruelty?

G11 has made some rather delicious dog biscuits crammed full of bacon.  The dog knows this as she was present through the whole cooking process.  Topsy really can't fathom out why she can't wolf them all down now and refuses to leave the kitchen whilst the darn things continually tantalise her as they cool.

Unfortunately G11 and her BFF H10 are focused young fund raisers for the Dogs Trust and are baking in earnest to sell doggy treats at a local fayre.

So I'm afraid Topsy Dog, that one little taster titbit was your lot. 

Come to me, come to me.


Rob-bear said...

Shw mae.

I know that G11 and H10 are wonderful young ladies, and their hearts are in the right place regarding the Dog Trust. Bravo for them.

But poor Topsy. She might head to the Dog Trust in sadness. Though I hope not. I suspect G11 would miss her.

Maggie Christie said...

How cruel! She's a clever girl though - she'll get her share I know she will (even if I have to buy them for her! ;) )

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