Friday, 19 October 2012

Emotional Roller Coaster

An old friend of mine (old in the sense we’ve know each other for a few years) got married last Sunday 7th October (in Canada). Fortunately for my bank balance Nicky had a part deux in the good old UK, in her home town of Trowbridge in Wiltshire.  Nicky’s been out with some wankers unsuitable men in her time, but now she’s truly struck gold.  

Purely selfishly the only fly in the ointment is that her home is now in Quebec, so inevitably I won’t get to see her as often. Thank goodness for the Internet – it’s such a great way to keep in touch, especially with the everyday events of life that would be passed by in a letter. One day I will make it out there - but sadly, due to financial restrictions and work commitments it may not be any time soon.

Derek’s dad (Derek was the lucky groom) talked about octopi. He pointed out in his speech how the tentacles of one family reach out and entwines with another to make a new tentacle when a marriage takes place. Derek's dad also originated from the UK and met his Canadian wife after being stationed there in the war. History repeating itself (without the help of the war effort this time).

Even though I’m not technically family, I definitely felt welcomed into Derek’s clan and with open arms.  So much so the thought brings a tear to my eye even now.  It was a fairy-tale wedding and is a real love match.

Did you know, in Quebec married women keep their maiden names? (No neither did I).  Apparently saves on the paperwork if they divorce, (not that there is any chance of that happening in this case!

Quote of the wedding (you had to be there). Derek got up to do some thank-you's.  “I’d just like to thank (pause…), I’m not sure I can bring myself to thank Hitler.”
At the same time as the wedding Him Next Door had gone and got himself a bed in the local hospital, (well not so local but that’s another NHS story).  A previous operation didn’t go quite to plan and it suddenly hit home with some force that he’s not invincible. 

My emotions were a roller coaster all weekend, but all’s well that ends well.  Him Next Door is now enjoying the hospital Cordon Bleu and resting up (it looks like he might be home next Monday).  Nicky and Derek – well they are happiness personified and I wish them all the joy together that they truly deserve. 


Midlife Singlemum said...

The wedding sounds lovely and the couple look gorgeous together. I wish your dad a speedy and full recovery. xx
Btw - I heard on the grapevine that the craft fair is imminent. Good luck with it.

Chris Stovell said...

Congratulations to the happy couple - love will find a way - and I hope that all is well on the poorly person front soon. Cx

Rob-bear said...

Delightful, Canadian wedding. Sorry your'e losing a friend to Canada, but we're pretty good folk here. Even if I say so myself. Do come visit.

Do hope Him Next Door is doing much better.

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