Thursday, 25 March 2010


How interesting could a night out at the bingo possibly be?  

Well - taking into account the fact that our gear box has gone on strike, very.   It took me 10 minutes to get out of our drive... 1st gear all the way, making us late picking up our neighbour.

Never mind, another one in the car reassured me as I had someone else to help push if required!

Lets stay in 1st... trouble was we'd be late even though I was was pushing the accelerator to the floor and the engine was screaming in protest we were not going very fast, let's risk it - I hiked it up to 3rd, the only one I could get into.  God help anyone coming the other way now as I had to keep my speed up round those hair pin bends...  only I didn't make the last one as there was a hill the other side and I had to change down... but I couldn't.  There I was on that hill, brake foot hard down, nearly wrenching my arm out of its socket trying to get the thing into gear - any gear would do.

Eventually I got it into 1st and this time I stayed in 1st for the rest of the journey.  At 7:59pm I shoved our neighbour out of the car to say Her Next Door and I would be coming, we just had the tricky task of parking.  Luckily we found that I could drive around the village hall, no reversing required.   Phew.

Our neighbour won the flyer though, the top prize.  Being late has its advantages...

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