Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Let there be light

J and Him Next Door have attempted to chop some of the trees down before. J being the one clambering about in the tree tops, I daren't look. Health and Safety would have a fit.

One previous episode involved the rope snapping. Luckily it was the branch end; it was already pointing in the right direction so it didn't hit any permanent structure and J had the good sense to let go.

Although quite a good job has been done so far by the resident males of the species we decided to hire the professionals when it looked like some of the trees nearest to the house were just too tall and frankly J doesn't have those agile monkey features required for such a feat.

Well the professionals were amazing, the young lad (anyone under 40 is young to me) was right at home, swinging around at the very tops of the trees. He reminded me of Lisa the gibbon at Manor House. Fantastic. What a great job. I was full of admiration. J muttered that he could have done as well if he'd just had the right equipment! Absolutely no further comment.


Preseli Mags said...

That last picture looks a bit high to me! B's just been chopping up a tree which fell over in the winds yesterday. Nothing happier than a man with a chainsaw!

elizabethm said...

Hi, came to you via Preseli Mags as another one living in Wales. We had some trees reduced in height which were too near to the house. Totally amazing how the tree surgeons swung about and the whole exercise had the great bonus of loads of logs for the stove!

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