Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The lonliness of the long distance runner...

I love it, I go into a world of my own... and think all sorts of thoughts. Although I can never remember them when I get back. A bit like dreaming I guess.

Tonight wasn't so lonely. The dog actually kept up... well I had to carry her past the fishermen (I should have started jogging by then but thought it might be better if she didn't actually run off with one of their fish). I had to go dangerously close to them to retrieve her. I normally try to avoid all human contact in my running gear, not a pretty site. I dumped her unceremoniously at the beginning of the track and tonight she kept up. Actually she was good company, until we met another runner - yes who is she? I was so busy telling the dog to shut up that I didn't have time for pleasantries except for a rather muffled ‘hiya’. She looked a darn site fitter than me and I was soooooooo relieved that at least I had my new gear on and not my old jogging bottoms that have paint splodges all over them and a top that is supposed to be white but has a definite grey tinge to it.

I wore my new trainers (a pair of Saucony Progrid Triumphs) for the first time and boy do my toes thank me for it. A couple of my toenails have gone black so this time I have bought a whole size larger. My feet generally feel better all round and just to be sure I bought some running socks; yes I too thought a sock was just a sock but oh no, it’s all very technical. My sports bra also arrived. Wow, this over the shoulder boulder holder was a struggle to get on but again so comfortable, no black eyes at least.

I am now on week 8 of the Couch to 5k in 9 weeks - yes OK it has taken me rather longer than 8 weeks to get to this point but we'll just gloss over that. I'm now doing 28 minutes solid running. I need a goal to aim for so am running in the Race for Life at Scolton Manor. I keep being badgered to enter the Cardiff half marathon by a couple of proper runners - gosh how many miles is that? Don't tell me, it may be a step or two thousand too far.

Reasons to run for me are really for my mental well being – I do feel more positive and definitely more content.  It is great to pound the tracks and loose yourself in the here and now. Shedding a few pounds won't do any harm either but it's not my primary reason. It's not for everyone - but it suits me.

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Preseli Mags said...

Hear hear. It suits me too! Nothing better than good new gear to raise a runner's spirits. By the way, there's always Llanelli 10k and Swansea 10k if you don't want to tackle Cardiff Half this year (but you do, don't you!). If I can do it anyone can!

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