Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I'm on an 'up'

I think it must be spring waving her magic wand and the lighter early evenings. Cold, long winter nights are not for me and I'm sure I get SAD because of it. To raise my spirits I try various tactics.

1) To socialise - I can be my own worst enemy if left on my own for too long.

2) To resist the eighth piece of chocolate - it only make me feel fat and slightly sick.

3) To have a glass of red - but perhaps not the whole bottle.

4) To switch the telly off - and go and read a good book instead.

5) To go out for a walk or a run – stimulate those endorphins.

6) To read Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Google it - please, it really is worth reading. Here are the last few words. "With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy."

7) To appreciate what I have and not max out my credit card chasing the materialistic 'dream' created by global advertising.

8) To spend time with my lovely family and friends (they are the best).

9) To really look at the daffodils, listen to the chatter of the birds and feel the breeze.

I am healthy - but not so wealthy and well wise is really debatable (now common sense I've got gallons of that). Stuff the money; I'd rather have time to do the above list. I just need to learn to count my blessings more often.

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Preseli Mags said...

I can relate to that list! I'm sure my SAD lamp helped with this horrid long winter, but there's no substitute for good old sunbeams. Come over for a coffee (no. 1 socialise - tick), we could go for a run too (no. 5 - tick) and watch our new lambs bouncing around in the sun (no. 9 - tick)!

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