Friday, 16 April 2010

Secret surfer

I am so glad I had a daughter; I can delight in things like matching handbags. I love surf gear, and there are an awful lot of shops in these parts to tempt me.

G8 was after a new bag and while she was at a dance session with her best friend I was sent off on a mission to look for one for her. What a responsibility. Well I trawled through the shops in Narberth (the loveliest shopping place for gifts and quirky items).  It was a tough job but someone had to do it.

I didn't find one, I found two!  A matching pair.  I just couldn't resist one for myself.  The one I spotted for G8 was PINK, great. Sold. I asked the sales assistant if it could be returned - although I was pretty certain G8 would love it you can never be sure.  And crucially it would be coming out of her own savings, I'm a great believer of children learning the value of money and understanding that unfortunately it doesn't grow on trees. 

The bag cost £20.00 in round figures.  I told G8 it would cost her £15.00 of her hard earned pocket money (she'd lent us £5.00 to buy ice creams earlier in the week).  When G8 decided to keep it she went to remove the labels and she noticed the price of  £19.99 and insisted I still owed her £5.00. She'll make a great politician.

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