Monday, 31 January 2011

It's only a number...

I'm going to hit the big fifty this year.  What to do?

Party - or Not?
Do I do nothing and try my hardest to ignore it and hope (forlornly) that it goes away or do I throw a party?

I quite like the idea of organising a party in Peewees (the place of my mis-spent youth) and invite all my (literally) old friends.  Through our beer glasses we could all make believe we are twenty again.

OR do I fly to New Zealand to see my soul mate Alex?  We travelled together around the world after Uni for a year and loved "the land of the long white cloud", Alex so much she lives there now.  We celebrated our twentieth and thirtieth together (I was the 'mature' one even back then).  For four years we were care free students and we had an absolute blast.  I haven't seen her for a decade now and would love so much to visit and instantly sink into that cozy friendship that wraps itself around you.

OR do I hold a repeat and similar party to Gran's 100th held at home last year?  This option would involve more family and be more inclusive.  Would anyone come?  Would it be an anticlimax after Gran's do?  Gulp.

Perhaps I'll do nothing.  I am after all a scardy cat.


Rob-bear said...

Shw mae, Rob 'dw i. (That's the extent of my Welsh, but I'm working on, it because my late mother's ancestors apparently came from Wales.)

As to your birthday, all you need to remember is that 50 is the new 30. Or so I'm told. So, rejoice in being 30 all over again.

OH, how did I get here? Maggie Christie (Preseli Mags) and I have a little bit of history. A very little bit. I wandered over from her blog.

Lins' lleisio said...

Ohhh, I like that idea, of being 30 again. Thank you for that little gem. Maggie's blog is amazing isn't it?

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