Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Resolution

Well here we are again, with the same old resolution (i.e. to lose weight) although this year it's combined with picking up those running shoes again and getting fit.

To this aim I have bought some winter gear and ordered a monthly running magazine which will accusingly or encouragingly (depends on my mood) regularly land on the mat, but I still have not sorted out the new shoes.  And unfortunately after receiving my credit card bill yesterday I am still in deep shock.  I'm not sure the bank balance can withstand another hit.  I even took something back to Marks and Sparks yesterday as it was in the sale, and then re-bought it at the sale price.  Every little helps.

Winter running gear; still with labels intact.
J keeps telling me there is no point hanging on to our savings as they are now depreciating quickly in this economic climate, I on the other hand still like that feeling of a back up nest egg (no matter how small). 

I also worry about things currently in the future and not confirmed; for example how on earth are we are going to be able to afford to send G9 to higher education (if she chooses to go) if we don't save a little beforehand.  Currently Wales is subsidising the fees for Welsh residents wherever they may choose to study, but a week is a long time in politics, never mind 9 years.  I know these tuition fees are supposed to be down to the students to pay, but between that and trying to afford a home at these ridiculous prices in the UK we'd really want to help G9 out at the beginning of her independent life - if at all possible. 

Watch this space though, where there is a will there is a way - hopefully.  Car boot with unwanted Christmas presents here I come!



Preseli Mags said...

Cor look at all that lovely new kit! Stop worrying, start living. It'll all turn out okay in the end. (Which is easy to say but harder to do - my 4x4 just ate my nest egg. Car boot sales here I come too! xxx)

Lins' lleisio said...

You are so right Maggie, I tend to be a bit of a worrier. Because of you I starting living and I went and splashed out on some art work???!!! As you encouraged me I'll blame you and send you the bill ;) xxx

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