Monday, 17 January 2011

Lack of greed.

My daughter, G9 asked for a cup of "Pick 'n' Mix" when we were out in town and only quarter filled it.

"You can fill that to the top you know,"  said the sales assistant at the till.  (This was for no extra cost).

In a tone that suggested all adults must be stupid G9 replied.  "But it's all I want."

We can learn something from the young.

Maybe not, I made her go back to fill it up.  After all I was paying and her Dad would nobly step into the breach and help her out with the eating.


Preseli Mags said...

I know that tone of voice... admirable, but I'd have made her fill it to the top too. (All adults are... etc)

arosebyanyothername said...

What a refreshing lack of greed - I hope she manages to stay like that.

Miss Sadie said...

When the world can say, "Enough!" we'll all be in better shape. Love that in your daughter.

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