Sunday 22 February 2009


Well I had a mid life crisis, decided to sell up (umm at the beginning of the credit crunch - not such a bright idea) and move lock stock and family to deepest darkest Pembrokeshire!

We are four generations living together. We have also changed our lifestyle big time.


To get to this point we hired a professional home finder to locate the property as we had a long list of requirements, top of the list for obvious reasons was ground floor accommodation and an en suite for my now 98 year old Gran. The house we plumped for enables us to live in two separate buildings, joined together simply by a 'utility' room. My parents live with my Mum's mum (i.e. my Gran) in the newer extension which is all on one floor and my partner, myself and my daughter live together in the old two storey farmhouse.

We have a bit of land, oh OK then a large garden, but much more than we have been used to. We now grow most of our own vegetables and hope to have some bee hives and\or a goat or two - watch this space. We have a small orchard.

We have a wood on one side with a stream running through it, the sound is so soothing. We also use the wood for our multi fuel burner to keep us toasty in the winter. The birds that come are amazing and varied... the best so far has been the woodpecker - although he can be noisy!

Now you have some background - this is the day to day story of the ups and downs of my life... I hope you enjoy.
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