Thursday 9 August 2012

More hours in the day required...

I don't often go out or stay up late on a school night, but it's the holidays and you can tell.

Next week is almost fully booked.

Tuesday evening we're off out for eats with my soul mate from University who is in the area... I don't see him very often now, but when I do it's a very special time. We're going en masse with his family and mine and I can't wait to catch up on all his news.

Wednesday evening, together with my friend and her daughter, we're going on a bush craft exploration deep down into the wooded valley (adjacent to our property).  There we're going to light a fire and cook our tea on it (beans and sausages then bananas and chocolate for afters - with a marshmallow or two thrown in). 

Him Next Door has made a new gate that opens up onto our wooded wonderland.

Thursday it's G10's 11th Birthday Party, so it will be a generally busy and chaotic day.  Eight young ladies to organise and taxi, heading off on a high ropes course and then kayaking in the afternoon with Sealyham Activity Centre.  Lucky devils.  I wanted to tag along for the actual outdoor adventure and enjoy the adrenalin rush, but apparently we were advised it's much better for the children if the parents leave the vicinity!

Friday evening is the first of G10's two sleepovers. The Mum's are coming over too, so we can have a chat, a drink and... (if I'm very lucky) a brownie.

I may not surface for a while blog land.
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