Wednesday 16 March 2011


Life has been a little hectic this last week or so with my Gran going into hospital.  Trying to organise our extended family so we always manage to attend the visiting hours has been something of a juggling act, added to that J is having to travel away for work at the end of this week, so we are a car and a man down.

Her Next Door drives, but only really when she has to. The hospital is 10 miles away, so it is quite a trek with dodgy bends and people daring to either go in the same direction or approach her from the other way.  Did I mention she is a nervous driver...  The car park of the hospital itself seems to have very slim parking bays and it is continuously full to the brim. Which rather puts her off.  So whilst J is manning work Him Next Door and I tend to do the driving shifts for one of the twice daily visiting sessions.  J helps out with the odd evening and when needed at the weekend, although we have lots of other family visitors also sharing the load then. This is a great help as at least for the weekends it affords us natives of The Booth some 'down' time.

Added to the mix is making sure G9 gets to all her after school activities - although we are failing a bit at the latter end of this week when we only have the one car available.  My wonderful friend Preseli Mags is helping us out on Wednesday and Friday, so Wednesday it means Her & Him Next Door make it on time for the afternoon visiting session and on Friday G9 will not miss Brownies at least.

Where would we be without supportive family, friends and neighbours I ask myself.

Tuesday 8 March 2011


The rudder of our little ship is not so well.

Edith, Mum, Gran, Great Gran - 100 years young.
We all love you, get better soon - please.  xxx

UPDATE 15/03/11
Whilst I was at fy nosbarth Cymraeg my Mum and Dad went hospital visiting. Gran had not been so bright when I saw her in the afternoon but when I got home after my class I received this pleasant surprise...

Her Next Door reported that Gran was much better this evening than she has been since being in hospital. No more oxygen mask (still just little pipes of oxygen in to her nose) and she even had her wagging finger out, telling Her Next Door to buy her some nighties but not from M&S, Peacocks would do! She has also requested a full biscuit tin (of course she never snacks on these ;) ), some Eau de Cologne so that she can smell lovely and a hair comb (she's trying to impress the young male physio I think).
Simply amazing.

Sunday 6 March 2011

World Book Night

World Book Night, what is it?

An extract from explains it.

"... one million books will be given away by an army of passionate readers to members of the public across the UK and Ireland.
The book give-away will comprise 40,000 copies of each of the 25 carefully selected titles, to be given away by 20,000 ‘givers’, who will each distribute 48 copies of their chosen title to whomever they choose on World Book Night. The remaining books will be distributed by World Book Night itself in places that might otherwise be difficult to reach, such as prisons and hospitals."
Brand new books for adults - the list of titles of which I was not aware of before we ventured out.

Strangely I found I had connections with a few of the books being distributed:-
Quite a coincidence - these books floating around me within the last week, all three on the list.

Our local event was held at Narberth Museum Bookshop and we were invited to attend by Chris S Stephens.

Mags and I received brand new copies of Fingersmith, given away by Chris himself.  Daniel Sheen was also at the Bookshop and he was giving away Cloud Atlas. Mags has previously read both and told me they are fantastic, Cloud Atlas being one of her most loved reads. Can't wait to discover the magic for myself and Maggie has now been inspired by this celebration of adult books to read them again.

What is also pretty special is that each book we have been given has an identification number in it so you can register on the World Book Night website and see the journey the book has taken from Giver to Reader and so on (*).

The children could also choose a book each free - needless to say they couldn't choose but one.
Chris Stephens with the young readers.
I want to join in next year, as a giver. How special... incredible.

(*) Put your hand up quickly if you would like me to pass on my copy of Fingersmith or Cloud Atlas to yourself, once I have read.  First come first served.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus i gyd

Today G9 went off to school in her Welsh national costume.  What another beautiful day too.

G9 in the Welsh national dress.

Daffodils basking in the early March sunshine.

Snowdrops joining in the spring party.
Happy Saint David's Day to all.
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