Wednesday 22 February 2012

Almost, But Not Quite

It's been one of those 'Almost, But Not Quite' episodes of my life.

I almost went out for a meal with friends... but due to bugs and funerals half couldn't make it so it was postponed.

I almost started a photography evening class... but it got cancelled at the last minute.

I almost posted on a controversial topic... but after some soul searching thought better of it.

I almost got picked to be a giver on World Book Night... (this is a lie - I missed by a country mile).

I almost went to a Welsh language social evening... but lost my mojo.

I almost sold my house... the "Sold" board went up and I stupidly really thought it was happening.

Friday 3 February 2012

Dog 'thinks' she has won the war.

Finally, I've managed to sit on the couch.

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