Friday 30 November 2012

I wish I was a bear

Wow, it's been a blur. Dad's hospital, not the most local, was an hour away, so visits meant every afternoon lost for two weeks. Amongst this disruption to the daily routine J and I had to take up the reigns of G11's after school activities, which is no mean feat. Usually we tend to do two of the five but for a while when Dad was hospitalised or back home and recuperating we were up to the full quota, and everything in this neck of the woods is half an hour drive away!

Old friends coming to stay - and us visiting old friends. My friend's wedding in England to attend and J's Mum's 90th middle of November.  Between these two momentous celebrations we were trying to arrange a craft fair to raise funds for our local church, often an organisational nightmare... It took up a surprising amount of free time. I remember saying 'never again' at least once a day for the week beforehand. 

G11's homework is serious and nightly. We spend more time encouraging, supporting and providing the space to do it in than we have ever done before. It's tiring - and not just for G11.

Our own work too has become incredibly busy, which is a good thing, but when you work for yourself and the buck stops with you this can mean long days to keep on top of it.

They say Christmas is coming.

Please I wanna stop now and hibernate until January.


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