Tuesday 20 October 2015

It's been a long while... Life has been moving forward in it's indomitable style and there have been some major life events to mention.

1). My brother got married (again :) ). It was held here in Llysyfran so life was hectic planning and executing the event of the year.
2). G14 and I went on a summer holiday adventure and took in Iceland, Boston, New York, Toronto and Montreal (to name a few). It was amazing... dreaming of selling up and getting a camper van now.
3). G14 has carried the Cytmomegalovirus at some stage. We can't find out if this was so at birth because her Guthrie card (aka heel prick test) has been destroyed (this is normal as only kept for 5-7 years in England).  Nevertheless she was asymptomatic at birth (no symptoms presented) but now has permanent hearing loss and worryingly this could be progressive. I'm really concerned. G14 has to be kept under regular review with frequent auditory tests. To find out more about CMV click here. It's tragic that public awareness about CMV is so low as it's very common (betwen 50-80% of the UK will carry the CMV virus) and poses such a major risk to pregnant women. It causes more birth defects and congenital disabilities in children than all other well-known diseases, including spina bifida, Down syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome.

As with regards my cancer, although a great reconstruction I still have body image issues... I just don't feel 'whole' and definitely not as sexy.  That's something I and my self esteem need to work on.

This post is a bit up and down, and that's how it's been during my near two year leave of absence.
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